Advantages Of Online Dating


Not that we are very busy singles for romance, what happens is that we have enough tempo to everything that involves a traditional event. However, today is not so hard to meet people we love and identify the things we have in common. Online dating is popular not only for their advantages but also for the many love stories in spite of an online meet up that have a happy ending.Online dating sites are the main reason for the increasing preference of people over in person dating. With an online dating site, people can easily sign up for a profile in no time as it is extremely user friendly and has both the options of paid and free membership to meet up people based on their interests.

Here we have compiled a list of the most significant advantages of online dating:

No fears:

Finding the perfect partner online has become increasingly popular after the advent of social networking sites. Maybe it’s because,

  • we are busy and don’t have time for in person communication,
  • we are more perceptive oriented person or
  • We are too shy to meet people and do not want to rely on an evening to be a deciding factor of our love life.

Being yourself:

How often your love counselor (friends who help you out in love) has not told you “Just be yourself buddyand the right person who like your real self will fall in love with you”?  But the discomfort of a dating event arranged by others can blindly make us behave in strange ways.  Poor behavior and uncomfortable situations during a meet up do not result in anything good. With online you can always be yourself, hence people can avoid uncomfortable situation till they get familiar with each other.

With an Online Dating you can create the first impression you want:

While meeting people online, you can decide how you want to present yourself to the person you’re interested. It is always best to have that first good impression as it does not depend on how good you look but whom you are and how you think and how well you treat people. Obviously the photos you use are really important, but ultimately a good conversation along with good photos will add more value and again you are the one who is going to choose them and you can project yourselves even as a better person.


Pick Up Lines really do work!


One of the most important aspects of dating I have found nowadays is to make sure that you have some good pick up lines under your belt. Of course there are lots of other things that you need to be good at such as conveying the right body language and also to have lots of things to talk about but in my experience nothing beats having some good pickup lines up your sleeve!

Nothing too cheesy of course as you may well get laughed out of the café or restaurant but I think they do work well as an ice breaker. Going on a date can be quite nerve wracking and it is therefore a great way to make the atmosphere a lot more relaxed and comfortable. I have quite often scoured the internet to find such things and uncovered some real classics with some simple google searches.

A friend of mine gave me a great book once full of some of the funniest pick up lines I have ever read but then I would suggest that a lot of these were more of a laugh than actually something I would use with a lady!

Online Dating


Online Dating has become more popular in recent times but there is still a shame related with the practice. The general style of thought is that online dating is only for people who are anxious for relationships and unsafe. The protection of online dating is doubted due to its particular tendency to scam jobs. There is also a frame of mind that it is a waste of time. However, there are many benefits to online dating.

First of all, online dating conserve time as it allows people to meet new ones without leaving their homes to begin with. This takes away the hard work of going out to public places or social gatherings to meet new people. Also, everyone on an online dating site is searching for some kind of relationship. In most situations these people will particularly state what kind of relationship they are looking for so there is no presumption. It conserves people the time of getting to know someone and then understanding that they do not want the same things from each other. Online dating also helps people meet others who are away from their social group. The internet is exposed to all and so, breaks obstacles of physical things like geography. This may not be sensible for people who do not wish to move, but there are people who will think doing this for love.

Things a Sexologist or Sex Therapist Can do ?


Many people experiencing sexual difficulties they have never dared to speak, and this most often for months or years. A sex therapist, practitioner “specialist” disorders sexuality can help solve sexual problems of all those who do not live a fulfilling sexuality.

A Sexologue Montreal Therapist – He or She can:

  • Help us find the desire and pleasure
  • Allow sexual fulfillment
  • Give advice and solve problems of daily life that can spill over sexuality of a woman, man or couple.
  • Restore confidence
  • Help overcome the wear couple
  • Stimulate couples is to help them change their sexual habits, places where they can make love
  • To understand that love is not just a sexual act but above all sharing
  • Consult a sexologist can also:
  • Avoid enkystement problem
  • Not guilty
  • Avoid the appearance of frustration that will only worsen the situation
  • Avoid the appearance of a dépressionqui may appear in some people

The sexologist may also have a preventive role, particularly among young people and address the problems of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and of course the HIV virus. The role of the practitioner is also necessary to emphasize the need to use condoms and adopting behaviors “safe”.


When to consult a Sexologist ?


On an average 15,00,000 people each year consult a sexologist in USA and 10,00,000 people in Canada.

  • All social classes are involved
  • 80% of people who visit only go in the sexologue
  • Couples who consult are younger than those who consulted there about 15 years.
  • Sexologists often advise couples to get together to go, because the problem relates specifically one partner always has consequences on the stability of the couple.


When to consult a Sexologist ?

The most common reasons for consultation in men are as follows:

  • The erectile dysfunction,
  • the premature ejaculation
  • and ejaculation difficulties.

The number of women consulting a sexologist tends to increase steadily because they realize it now instead more important than sexuality takes in their lives and make the decision to see if they find:

  • a decrease in desire
  • Difficulty having an orgasm .
  • Ignorance of their bodies and conduct of a sexual act
  • The presence of pain during penetration or vaginismus
  • Irregular menstrual cycle


Penis Enlargement Through Penis Pumps

In Rome country already people learned to use penis pump, by this way they had very big and long cock. They used also other herbals. By this method anyone can have lengthy penis. Many people cured this way and they are having big families now, even they are with grandchildren now. Earlier they felt they born with very small cock and they could not perform any thing in physical relationship.

Later they read all about the penis development and they understood websites are providing more info about penis development and they started positing questions all about their doubts in penis development and they got multiple answers from users of medicines and non-users of medicine and their info about simple penis development before physical relationship.

Herbal Based Medicine Is Really Works Well For This Problem

The herbals are very powerful; they can be made in tablet form. At the same time, when they are available in fresh condition, it is better to take in fresh. The fresh stuff is powerful and it works better. Even the cultured herb made as tablet brings result only after some hours, but the fresh herbs are real agents for the penis enlargement.

Urinal bladder is the pipe for the sperm. Now it would be in order after,  this is very easy and simple way for men. This kind of medical treatment is very effective rather than spending huge money and waiting for best results.

The result oriented simple ways are more available for penis development; the user should think using them instead of spending more bugs. The medicine is also costly for penis development, consultation fee of the sex specialist is costly and the people are unable to pay when they work for low salary, but this type of treatment is affordable to all.

My FACEBOOK Love Story and Tips to get an Online Date!


My FACEBOOK Love Story

The video link below shows an average guy’s ‘Facebook love story’.

Even though the video link shared below is not that funny, it actually discusses an online dating concept that worked and works for few guys.


Tips to get an Online Date

First of all to get an online date through a social networking site, getting your friend request accepted is a must. And to know on ‘My Friend Request acceptance’ check out the below link. (Link shall be posted once I post that article).

After successful friend request acceptance, you ping at least 10 people whom you feel will be good to date with. Then have best pick up lines as templates. People who are open to conversation in chat are a good bet. Then like in this video use the templates effectively.

Then start sharing at least 10 good love quotes everyday in your wall, coz it might make at least a couple of people you pinged feel its directed at them. And those people who respond well to your chat since then after you letting them know your single (update your status as single, see who likes it or inquires about it).

Now ask them for phone no., out of 5 who respond, definitely 3 will give mobile number, even not immediately, after few more chats definitely will. Then ask them out with good pick up lines and definitely either sooner or later say in three weeks max. two would come for a date.


P.S – I learnt it from few successful full time Online daters and hence I believe it works. However, still conditions apply, results may vary from individual to individual depending on their situations.


The below My FACEBOOK Love Story video explains it all, Check it OUT!


Reasons for Pain during Intercourse for Women


Two primary reasons for pain during intercourse in Women are Dyspareunia and Vaginismus.

Dyspareunia is defined by the occurrence of pain during intercourse in women. This pain occurring during intercourse frequently resembles burns or cramps and can be located in the vagina or abdomen. The pain may stop at the end of sexual intercourse, but it can also continue after. When primary dyspareunia, pain appears during the first sexual intercourse. At secondary dyspareunia, pain appear after a period or reports proceeding normally without pain. Infection is often the cause of these dyspareunia.
The causes of dyspareunia are numerous: the most frequent are these,

  • Recurrent vaginal mycoses
  • Infection of the cervix
  • A perineal tear
  • An episiotomy
  • Cyst (s) of the ovary
  • Endometriosis
  • Malformation can sometimes cause exceptionally dyspareunia
  • Some dyspareunia may be of psychological origin


Do not let the pain caused by dyspareunia move during sex. This pain can cause anxiety to be penetrated. This great fear causes an involuntary contraction of muscles that surround the vagina aggravating the initial pain.


Vaginismus prevents vaginal penetration :  the penis can not enter the vagina without causing severe pain. Vaginismus causes contractions and a tightening of the vaginal muscles causing pain during penetration. Pain caused by vaginismus evolves according to women, a mere annoyance to a burning or tearing.


Also, Check out the articles on treating both Dyspareunia and Vaginismus.


How to choose a Contraceptive Method ?


Contraceptive method

Contraception is a set of methods to control the torque birth of a child. many methods now allow each woman and each couple to make the choice of contraception appropriate to its situation. Contraceptive methods vary depending on the woman’s age, socio economic conditions, love life, sexual practices, opportunities for regular observance at the same times …



No contraceptive method is 100% reliable and valid throughout his life.


Choosing Contraceptive Method

To choose the contraceptive method with the maximum information with the help and advice of a health professional makes the most effective contraception. Involve up the woman and the couple in the choice of the method: The method must be chosen and discussed with the woman and her partner if possible. Finally, take into account the social, economic and emotional things to undergo while practising a contraceptive methods.



Above all, it is important to let people choose their method of contraception. The person will be satisfied better use than another. The literature also states that it is important to consider the couple in this process and take into account the partner’s agreement.
When the issue of contraception is discussed for the first time in consultation, it is necessary that this consultation will be entirely devoted. If this is not possible, an appointment must be dedicated taken quickly.

A teenage girl is received without his parents and confidentially. The methods of choice are male condoms and hormonal contraception.

According Anaes, literature emphasizes the need for the health professional:

  • adapt its consultation and prescription for each consultant;
  • to extend the scope of its maintenance beyond only medical criteria taking into account the psychological, sociological or economic factors;
  • explore the motivations of the consultant vis-à-vis contraception;
  • accompany the consultant or the couple in reflection and choice of form of contraception most suited to his situation and his personal path.


To find good Doctors specialising in Sexology


Many doctors practice sexology: 600 physicians hold a university degree There is an official National Diploma “doctor sexologist,” the IUD sexology obtained after 3 more years of study in college to become a doctor and sexologist mention it on his plate, his ordinances and yellow pages. Other doctors had a university degree is not recognized nationally representative but an important guarantee of being in good hands.

It is difficult for those who need to be certain of being in good hands. A large majority are very good but others may make you lose time and money, do not allow an improvement events and unfortunately sometimes even worse. 

Doctors and exclusive sexologists médicines practicing several activities: Physicians practicing exclusively sexology and general practitioners, gynecologists, urologists or psychiatrist practicing sexology with their activity. As in all health disciplines, practice regular activity is rather a guarantee of experience. doctor can sometimes prescribe medications in certain situations, as in erectile dysfunction for example. The physician provides information and advice about sexuality and may prescribe exercises to be done alone or in pairs. Doctors are the only ones allowed to be able to examine you.