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Counselling for Married Couples facing Sexual Dissatisfaction

  Advice for Married Couples Inability to achieve orgasm, the erection problems and the pain during sex, all of these ailments can have serious repercussions on your married life together.¬†Sitting down with a specialist can help you identify dysfunctional elements

When, why and for what visit a Sexologist ?

  Loss of desire or sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction during intercourse ?   There is no problem too small or too large to seek professional assistance.¬†Some people looking for, because they are dissatisfied with the frequency or the course of

Things a Sexologist or Sex Therapist Can do ?

  Many people experiencing sexual difficulties they have never dared to speak, and this most often for months or years. A sex therapist, practitioner “specialist” disorders sexuality can help solve sexual problems of all those who do not live a