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When to consult a Sexologist ?

  On an average 15,00,000 people each year consult a sexologist in USA and 10,00,000 people in Canada. All social classes are involved 80% of people who visit only go in the sexologue Couples who consult are younger than those

When, why and for what visit a Sexologist ?

  Loss of desire or sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction during intercourse ?   There is no problem too small or too large to seek professional assistance.┬áSome people looking for, because they are dissatisfied with the frequency or the course of

Reasons for Pain during Intercourse for Women

  Two primary reasons for pain during intercourse in Women are Dyspareunia and Vaginismus. Dyspareunia is defined by the occurrence of pain during intercourse in women.┬áThis pain occurring during intercourse frequently resembles burns or cramps and can be located in

To find good Doctors specialising in Sexology

  Many doctors practice sexology: 600 physicians hold a university degree There is an official National Diploma “doctor sexologist,” the IUD sexology obtained after 3 more years of study in college to become a doctor and sexologist mention it on