Counselling for Married Couples facing Sexual Dissatisfaction


Advice for Married Couples

Inability to achieve orgasm, the erection problems and the pain during sex, all of these ailments can have serious repercussions on your married life together. Sitting down with a specialist can help you identify dysfunctional elements and give you solutions.

Sexual dissatisfaction is usually the trigger that motivates households to the consultation, but the manifestation of sexuality is often only the tip of the iceberg . “It is not uncommon that a woman came into my office and admitted to a decrease in desire. She lives a sense of guilt and puts the blame on his shoulders. When you dig, you can see that gentleman did not help at all in household chores and do not pay attention to their needs. Problems in bed are often related to emotional needs too,” says a clinical sexologist.

Couples who visit are often breathless and on the verge of separation, but do not expect to reach the breaking point to get help. Time rarely help matters. The longer you wait, the more it becomes embarrassing to talk with your partner.

The sex therapy can help to overcome the difficulties in bed, but it requires the cooperation of the married couples. There is no miracle solution to sexual fulfilment and therapy involves a lot of changes in both partners.