How to choose a Contraceptive Method ?


Contraceptive method

Contraception is a set of methods to control the torque birth of a child. many methods now allow each woman and each couple to make the choice of contraception appropriate to its situation. Contraceptive methods vary depending on the woman’s age, socio economic conditions, love life, sexual practices, opportunities for regular observance at the same times …



No contraceptive method is 100% reliable and valid throughout his life.


Choosing Contraceptive Method

To choose the contraceptive method with the maximum information with the help and advice of a health professional makes the most effective contraception. Involve up the woman and the couple in the choice of the method: The method must be chosen and discussed with the woman and her partner if possible. Finally, take into account the social, economic and emotional things to undergo while practising a contraceptive methods.



Above all, it is important to let people choose their method of contraception. The person will be satisfied better use than another. The literature also states that it is important to consider the couple in this process and take into account the partner’s agreement.
When the issue of contraception is discussed for the first time in consultation, it is necessary that this consultation will be entirely devoted. If this is not possible, an appointment must be dedicated taken quickly.

A teenage girl is received without his parents and confidentially. The methods of choice are male condoms and hormonal contraception.

According Anaes, literature emphasizes the need for the health professional:

  • adapt its consultation and prescription for each consultant;
  • to extend the scope of its maintenance beyond only medical criteria taking into account the psychological, sociological or economic factors;
  • explore the motivations of the consultant vis-à-vis contraception;
  • accompany the consultant or the couple in reflection and choice of form of contraception most suited to his situation and his personal path.