My Dating Adventures and Hiring a Pick Up Artist


I have now for a long time been involved in the dating game and have met most of my girlfriends this way. I think the first time I signed up to a dating site was about five years ago now. If you haven’t done it before or you are not super confident it really does require a bit of practice. Since then I had My Dating Adventures and been hiring a Pick Up Artist at times.

For me personally I opted for finding a Pick Up Artist that could help me as I was in need of some major help in this area at the time. Luckily my friend recommended someone who really was meant to be the top Pick up Artist in London at the time and had some great reviews both on the internet and also in some London magazines etc.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions that I could of made to be honest as she really did turn my confidence around as I was soon making some great progress in dating. Since this time I haven’t really looked back and I would now consider myself a near professional and have met some wonderful people through my dating adventures.