My FACEBOOK Love Story and Tips to get an Online Date!


My FACEBOOK Love Story

The video link below shows an average guy’s ‘Facebook love story’.

Even though the video link shared below is not that funny, it actually discusses an online dating concept that worked and works for few guys.


Tips to get an Online Date

First of all to get an online date through a social networking site, getting your friend request accepted is a must. And to know on ‘My Friend Request acceptance’ check out the below link. (Link shall be posted once I post that article).

After successful friend request acceptance, you ping at least 10 people whom you feel will be good to date with. Then have best pick up lines as templates. People who are open to conversation in chat are a good bet. Then like in this video use the templates effectively.

Then start sharing at least 10 good love quotes everyday in your wall, coz it might make at least a couple of people you pinged feel its directed at them. And those people who respond well to your chat since then after you letting them know your single (update your status as single, see who likes it or inquires about it).

Now ask them for phone no., out of 5 who respond, definitely 3 will give mobile number, even not immediately, after few more chats definitely will. Then ask them out with good pick up lines and definitely either sooner or later say in three weeks max. two would come for a date.


P.S – I learnt it from few successful full time Online daters and hence I believe it works. However, still conditions apply, results may vary from individual to individual depending on their situations.


The below My FACEBOOK Love Story video explains it all, Check it OUT!