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How to choose a Contraceptive Method ?

  Contraceptive method Contraception is a set of methods to control the torque birth of a child. many methods now allow each woman and each couple to make the choice of contraception appropriate to its situation. Contraceptive methods vary depending

To find good Doctors specialising in Sexology

  Many doctors practice sexology: 600 physicians hold a university degree There is an official National Diploma “doctor sexologist,” the IUD sexology obtained after 3 more years of study in college to become a doctor and sexologist mention it on

Someone help me improve my Pick Up Lines please!

  Many people in this day and age really do struggle to meet their soul mate or partner and I think this is mainly due to how stressful our lives are now in general. This was the main reason that

My Dating Adventures and Hiring a Pick Up Artist

  I have now for a long time been involved in the dating game and have met most of my girlfriends this way. I think the first time I signed up to a dating site was about five years ago