Things a Sexologist or Sex Therapist Can do ?


Many people experiencing sexual difficulties they have never dared to speak, and this most often for months or years. A sex therapist, practitioner “specialist” disorders sexuality can help solve sexual problems of all those who do not live a fulfilling sexuality.

A Sexologue Montreal Therapist – He or She can:

  • Help us find the desire and pleasure
  • Allow sexual fulfillment
  • Give advice and solve problems of daily life that can spill over sexuality of a woman, man or couple.
  • Restore confidence
  • Help overcome the wear couple
  • Stimulate couples is to help them change their sexual habits, places where they can make love
  • To understand that love is not just a sexual act but above all sharing
  • Consult a sexologist can also:
  • Avoid enkystement problem
  • Not guilty
  • Avoid the appearance of frustration that will only worsen the situation
  • Avoid the appearance of a dépressionqui may appear in some people

The sexologist may also have a preventive role, particularly among young people and address the problems of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and of course the HIV virus. The role of the practitioner is also necessary to emphasize the need to use condoms and adopting behaviors “safe”.