To find good Doctors specialising in Sexology


Many doctors practice sexology: 600 physicians hold a university degree There is an official National Diploma “doctor sexologist,” the IUD sexology obtained after 3 more years of study in college to become a doctor and sexologist mention it on his plate, his ordinances and yellow pages. Other doctors had a university degree is not recognized nationally representative but an important guarantee of being in good hands.

It is difficult for those who need to be certain of being in good hands. A large majority are very good but others may make you lose time and money, do not allow an improvement events and unfortunately sometimes even worse. 

Doctors and exclusive sexologists médicines practicing several activities: Physicians practicing exclusively sexology and general practitioners, gynecologists, urologists or psychiatrist practicing sexology with their activity. As in all health disciplines, practice regular activity is rather a guarantee of experience. doctor can sometimes prescribe medications in certain situations, as in erectile dysfunction for example. The physician provides information and advice about sexuality and may prescribe exercises to be done alone or in pairs. Doctors are the only ones allowed to be able to examine you.