When to consult a Sexologist ?


On an average 15,00,000 people each year consult a sexologist in USA and 10,00,000 people in Canada.

  • All social classes are involved
  • 80% of people who visit only go in the sexologue
  • Couples who consult are younger than those who consulted there about 15 years.
  • Sexologists often advise couples to get together to go, because the problem relates specifically one partner always has consequences on the stability of the couple.


When to consult a Sexologist ?

The most common reasons for consultation in men are as follows:

  • The erectile dysfunction,
  • the premature ejaculation
  • and ejaculation difficulties.

The number of women consulting a sexologist tends to increase steadily because they realize it now instead more important than sexuality takes in their lives and make the decision to see if they find:

  • a decrease in desire
  • Difficulty having an orgasm .
  • Ignorance of their bodies and conduct of a sexual act
  • The presence of pain during penetration or vaginismus
  • Irregular menstrual cycle