When, why and for what visit a Sexologist ?


Loss of desire or sexual dysfunction or dissatisfaction during intercourse ?


There is no problem too small or too large to seek professional assistance. Some people looking for, because they are dissatisfied with the frequency or the course of sexual activity. Others arrive in the office of sexologist because they suffer from their loss of sexual desire, their difficulty in achieving orgasm or to achieve or maintain an erection or premature ejaculation. Finally, some seek to mitigate the negative impacts of a physical disability or illness on sexuality.

Difficulty receiving help often comes from the fact that needing others is a sign of weakness and must be able to solve its problems by itself – even. Others have learned early in life that we do not talk about sexuality, that – is taboo. However, it is very difficult to be comfortable and fulfilled his sexuality when unable to speak! In addition, get help is a sign of strength: it demonstrates that we are humble, we do not know everything and we are ready to think and work on yourself. It is empowering and we are given the chance to be happy in her sexuality.



Consulting a sexologist as early as possible can help couples to overcome their difficulties in bed 


When you let go of things in the hope that time will heal things, it is more often the opposite happens. The difficulties become taboo and it becomes increasingly difficult and embarrassing to talk with the partner . In addition, with this strategy, we do not learn from our mistakes and we finally feel more victim of the situation.

It is important to discuss and defuse the situation. Sexual difficulties do not happen by luck. These are the thoughts, emotions, attitudes and behaviours of partners promoting their appearance. A sex therapist or sexologist can help both partners to identify these elements and understand the situation. They can take control of their sexuality and achieve their goals.